Blueberries is an extremely competitive Latin American licensed producer of naturally grown premium quality cannabis with operations in Colombia (ideally located in the Bogotá Savanna of central Colombia).

Led by an experienced team of specialists with proprietary expertise in agriculture, genetics, extraction, medicine, pharmacology, and marketing, Blueberries is fully licensed in Colombia for the cultivation, production, domestic distribution, and international export of CBD and THC-based medical cannabis.

Blueberries´ combination of leading scientific and agricultural expertise, quality and production cost advantages, and distribution arrangements has positioned the Company to become a leading international supplier of naturally grown, processed, and standardized medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products.

  • Our Goal

The company’s team is committed to drive Blueberrries’ future growth as a leading international supplier of medicinal quality cannabis oil extracts, grown and processed to the highest quality standards.


  • Quality Policy

Blueberries Medical Corp. produces and processes medicinal cannabis oil extracts to develop high-quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other derived products. Our experienced scientific team guarantees a continuous improvement in all of our processes and ensures our company complies with the applicable requirements to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, employees, and other interested parties.


  • Community Relations

The company works together with small producers in the region of the Bogota Savannah to grow cannabis and produce standardized oil extracts of medicinal grade and derived products.